Premier League 2018/19 - What Did We Learn?
By Kyle Fullerton
June 18, 2019

We were all glued to the TV screen right until the final game of the season after an entralling title race, but a month on from the end of the 18/19 season, what did we learn about fan habits?


We've crunched the numbers and pulled out our 3 favourite insights:


1. The top 6 most searched for Premier League fixtures on MatchPint were all Liverpool games.


In popularity order:


- Man United vs Liverpool

- Man City vs Liverpool

- Arsenal vs Liverpool

- Liverpool vs Arsenal

- Liverpool vs Wolves

- Liverpool vs Man United


Unsurprisingly, 96 out of the top 100 most searched Premier League games included one of the 'big 6' clubs.


The 4 that didn't were:


- Wolves vs Everton

- Leicester vs West Ham

- Crystal Palace vs Brighton

- West Ham vs Fulham


The most searched for Premier League fixture, Man United vs Liverpool, was only the 22nd most searched for fixture on MatchPint over the time period of the 18/19 season.


Some surprising fixtures that had more fan's searching for a boozer were:


- England v Australia, 2018 Autumn Internationals Rugby

- Oleksandr Usyk v Tony Bellew 

- Dillian Whyte vs Joseph Parker


What can we take away from all of this?


It truly reinforces the opinion we've held for a long time at MatchPint that if you only pay for your Sky Sports & BT Sports subscription to just show the Premier League, you're wasting at least half your money. If you're worried about showing different sports rather than a smaller Premier League game, this should be a helpful nudge to get behind trying something new because those bread and butter Premier League games aren't what people are after in the pub.