MatchPint launches the Guinness Pint Predictor for the Guinness Six Nations
By Robert Stewart
January 25, 2019



To launch 2019, a mammoth year for rugby in pubs, we've created a brand spanking new game for the Guinness Six Nations.


What Is The Guinness Pint Predictor?


MatchPint fans get to set their prediction for each game of the Six Nations. Fans have to predict the winning team and by how many points, with a maximum of 1 Guinness per week up for grabs. Predicting the winning team AND correct points margin they earn a free pint of Guinness on the spot. Predicting the winning team AND your points margin is within 7 points of the result earns a free pint that can be redeemed midweek.


How Does The Scoring System Work?


Check out a few examples below:


Fan prediction: England beat Ireland by 3

Final score: England 25 - 22 Ireland (England win by 3)

Prize: Free Guinness, instantly redeemable


Fan prediction: England beat Ireland by 9

Final score: England 25 - 22 Ireland (England win by 3)

Prize:  Free Guinness, redeemable midweek (prediction out by 6)


Fan prediction: England beat Ireland by 15

Final score: England 25 - 22 Ireland (England win by 3)

Prize: No prize (prediction out by 12)

What Does It Mean For Me?


1. You'll have premium exposure on the app and website compared to non-Pint Predictor pubs. 


Over 300,000 fans will be using MatchPint to find a pub to watch the game and we'll be directing them via the Pint Predictor game.  During our Autumn Internationals campaign, campaign pubs had 112% more fans viewing their profile compared to non campaign pubs.



2. We're expecting around 95% of fans to unlock a free midweek pint each weekend.


By avoiding giving the majority of fans a free/discounted pint on the weekends when you're already rammed, the free midweek pint brings fans back into your pub when you're normally much quieter. Our Autumn Internationals campaign saw 40% of fans that visited the pub at the weekend, coming back in during the week.


How do offers and free drinks work?


It's really important that you follow the correct instructions when you're redeeming a MatchPint offer. If you do not follow the steps below, we cannot track how many free drinks you give away which means we cannot reimburse you the correct amount at the end of the time period, leaving you out of pocket. Your bar staff HAVE to click the confirm button when presented by a voucher screen by customers. You or your bar staff will then see a confirmation screen that it has been successful and tracked on our system.






How do I get paid back for the drinks I give away?


From February 1st until March 22nd MatchPint will track the number of free Guinness' you give away. At the end of the time period, we will total the number you have given away and transfer that money back to your bank account. You are reimbursed £2 + VAT for every free drink you give away. We will contact you via email at the end of the time period asking for your sort code, account number and VAT number to pay you back.


I don't stock Guinness, can I still take part?


Unfortunately these offers are only available if you stock Guinness. If you don't currently stock Guinness and you'd be interested in taking it on this winter please email and we'll introduce you to the best representative from Diageo.