Thousands of Bud drinkers winning World Cup prizes via MatchPint app
By Kyle Fullerton
May 23, 2018
Following the announcement that MatchPint & Budweiser were partnering for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, they are already seeing fantastic results from the initial 2 months of activation. “The Big Bud Giveaway”, a daily raffle in which sports fans can win on the spot pints of Budweiser, free Budweiser for the whole World Cup, tickets to The Bud Boat and tickets to World Cup matches in Russia, has already been played over 13,000 times.
The “The Big Bud Giveaway” drives incremental footfall into Budweiser stockists before and during the tournament, while rewarding fans with World Cup prizes in order to get them excited for/during the World Cup. MatchPint saw their busiest week of plays of “The Big Bud Giveaway” to date in the lead up to the FA Cup final with the number of pints given away to fans crossing the 1,700 mark. 3 weeks out from The World Cup has also already seen sports fans win tickets to Germany vs Mexico in Moscow, 2 fans win invites to The Bud Boat for a VIP final experience and 5 fans win free Budweiser for the whole World Cup.
Check out the story so far, below.

Three weeks out from the World Cup™, MatchPint has shared further details of their campaign with Budweiser and published results from the first phase of the activity.


"The Big Bud Giveaway" offers fans the chance to win awesome World Cup™ prizes such as World Cup™ tickets, World Cup™ Final VIP viewing experiences and thousands of free Budweisers. Fans earn the chance to win these prizes by checking in to Budweiser stockists every day and referring friends to download the MatchPint app. In the first 6 weeks there have already been over 1,700 pints of Budweiser given away and over 7,500 incremental fans visiting Budweiser stockists, with a ball in Russia still yet to be kicked.


Many publicans involved in the campaign so far have commented on the positive impact it is having on business. Carol Waller, General Manager of The Bridle Path said, “Our staff have really got behind the promotion and have been getting as many of our customers on MatchPint as possible. As a result, we’ve seen our regular customers coming in more frequently than usual, and even seen some new faces as a result!”.


Following the launch of "The Big Bud Giveaway" in April, the weeks leading up to the tournament have also seen the launch of the "King of Pubs" competition. This pits 10 of the best sports pubs across the country against each other to measure the loudest pub for each England game, with the eventual winners winning a £10,000 grant for the pub and local community. On top of that, 12 hero venues accross the country have partnered with Budweiser to provide amazing fan experiences and unique events including freestyle footballers, DJs, brand ambassadors and unbelievable World Cup™ decoration of the venues.


Check out the story so far, below.