5 World Cup Fixtures: Leicester Fans
By Kyle Fullerton
April 27, 2018

With the growing stature of the domestic season, football fans can sometimes see international football as an annoying distraction from the glitz of the Premier League and Champions League. For that very reason, we’ve identified 5 key non-England games for fans of each of the big clubs in England and given suggestions of how you should market the biggest fixture of the 5, to get your punters as excited as they would be for a club game.


In this edition it's the lads that shocked the world 2 years ago – Leicester City:




Denmark vs France - 3pm, Tuesday 26th June


Kasper Schmeichal proved to be a pretty solid wall in Leicester's title winning season and he's going to need to be in similar form against the French. Leicester fans took great pride in seeing their great Dane pull off save after save, so they'll definitely be interested in seeing how he deals with the likes of Pogba and Griezmann. It could also prove to be a pretty pivotal game in Group C as these two will fancy themselves in their other 2 games. Definitely the sort of fixture you should be advertising as a late lunch break at work.



Croatia vs Nigeria - 8pm, Saturday 16th June


In a weird coincidence, Leicester have more Nigerians in their squad than any other nation (bar England). So if you've got a strong following of Leicester fans you'll definitely want to adopt Nigeria as your second nation. They're in a tricky group but they'll definitely fancy themselves to be challenging for qualification. Their first game against Croatia could decide who finishes second behind Argentina and rounds off the only 4-game match day of the tournament. Coupling that with the fact that it's at 8pm on a Saturday, you'll definitely want to have this one on.



Nigeria vs Iceland - 4pm, Friday 22nd June


The second fixture for Nigeria will be their most winnable against Euro 2016's very own Leicester City, Iceland. Leicester attackers Iheanacho and Musa will fancy themselves to bag in this one which should attract the interest of any regular Leicester fans you have. Being a 4pm kick off on a Friday, it's definitely worth markting this one as a finish work early event.



Nigeria vs Argentina - 7pm, Tuesday 26th June


The culmination of the Nigerian campaign comes against Messi and co. More of a focus on Leicester's defensive midfield man Ndidi to see how he copes with Messi, Aguero and Di Maria. It could, however, be a decisive game for Nigeria and if you stick to adopting Nigeria as your second nation make sure you have celebrations ready. Tuesday at 7pm is a tough time to get the punters in, but a cracking food offering would be a great hook to get people interested.



KEY FIXTURE - Portugal vs Spain - 7pm, Friday 15th June


This is a proper big one. Regardless of what team you support, if you're a football fan you should be watching this. Leicester fans should have a particular interest as their big summer signing from last year, Adrien Silva, will be a main man in the middle for Portugal. He's flattered to decieve a little for Leicester, so Leicester fans will be hoping for a really strong tournament from him this summer. With this being on the second day of the tournament and you'll likely be rammed for it regardless, why not try and build some loyalty with any Leicester fans? Think about an offer such as 'wear your Leicester shirt for this game to get a free pint for the first Nigeria game'.


Check in next week where West London's finest, Chelsea, will get the same treatment...


All images - PA