Premier League eyes Saturday night matches from 2019
By Robert Stewart
November 17, 2017

Club chairmen have voted to include Saturday night kick-offs, either 19:45 or 20:00, in the latest round of TV rights that will begin in December.


In addition to the proposed new Saturday late night slot, there will also be an increase to 190 live televised games, which will be good news for sports fans and operators alike. This will replace the current deal that was agreed back in 2015 that cost Sky and BT an average of £10.2 million per game to show - with prices at an all-time high back then they will look to go up to even more eye-watering amounts with the increase to 190 games.


Football has always dominated the UK sport market - over 53% of traffic on MatchPInt were for football in 2015/16, but it has become clear in recent years that more needs to continue to be done. Pressure is on publicans and broadcasters alike to make the most of all opportunities presented by a wide range of sport - backed up by over 85% of publicans saying they show a wide range of sport in their premises.


There is a general consensus that there will be competition to Sky & BT from the likes of Google and Amazon, and Amazon have recently been increasing their live offering with ATP tennis.


The increased games will offer publicans more opportunities to make the most of the Premier League with a 15% increase in the number of games to be shown. We have previously shown with CGA Strategy how important the Premier League is in driving incremental revenue driver for sports pubs and therefore this should come as good news. However the cross-over from traditional sport to late-night offerings will need to be carefully managed if this new slot is introduced in 2 years as lager sales are the biggest beneficiary when the football is on.


More to follow...