The Money Fight
By Sam Walker
July 29, 2017

Anthony Joshua gave us all a taste that boxing could be rising back to its best, after his unforgettable clash with Wladimir Klitschko.


Watching two giants knock seven bells out of each other is an experience best served in the pub. Just look at our research (linked at the bottom) from that memorable night.


Fortunately, we don't have to wait long for the next big fight. Undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr takes on first-time boxer Conor McGregor in what's being dubbed the biggest fight of the century. Sound interesting? Then read on my friend…


Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor

Saturday 26th August



This fight divides the boxing world.


The purist thinks it’s a mockery of the sport, letting a man who has never stepped in the ring as a professional boxer, face arguably the greatest fighter of the modern era.


The UFC generation, who have watched McGregor destroy two weight classes on his way to becoming the first ever duel belt champion in the sports history, can’t help but get behind the charismatic Irishman.


Whichever side of the fence you fall, EVERYONE will be watching this (we have already seen more than double the interest in this fight, than at this stage of the Joshua Klitschko build-up). If you make the decision is to show this fight, here are MatchPint’s top tips nail it;


·      Advertise NOW. Get it on MatchPint, social media and all over the inside and outside of your pub


·      Make sure you take bookings. If you know you can book out the whole pub early doors, you know you’ll be onto a blinder


·      Ticket the event. This makes those pesky table disputes easy to avoid


·      Get the fight on early. The undercard is going to be jam packed full of talent.


·      Make sure you have the appropriate late license as the boxers could step into the ring as late as 5 am


·      Get the scene right. If your seating is right and you’ve cranked the commentary, you can guarantee that stadium like atmosphere and what could be your biggest take of the year…



Here's our research about Joshua v Klitschko inside the numbers.