Sky's Channel Changes
By Robert Stewart
July 20, 2017

As you've hopefully heard, Sky updated their sports channels yesterday. Sky Sports 1-4 have been replaced, and four new channels have been added.

People at home will be able to choose which channels they subscribe to for what they want to watch (maximum of 3 channels), or as normal, they can buy the entire Sky Sports package. Pubs, however, will receive all Sky Sports channels.



Implications for Pubs


The new channel changes mean that fans will have total confidence in pubs showing sport, as they know that the pub will have access to every channel and every event. Hopefully cricket fans who enjoy watching a bit of the Premier League will reduce their home subscription, and come to the pub to watch the football instead.


It also means that organising your sport will become a whole lot easier, with much more clarity as to which channel shows which game. You don't need to do anything to get these updates on your Sky box, it will have already automatically updated. Please be aware that Sky may take a while to announce which events will be on the Main Event channel.



Changes for pubs on MatchPint


All pubs with Sky have automatically been updated to include the new channels, so you'll no longer see Sky Sports 1, 2 etc. The fixture print outs will also now have the new channel numbers listed on them. If it's unclear what channel a fixture will be on, you'll still be able to add them as they'll be listed on a channel called 'Sky Sports'.



If you've got any questions about the new channels, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.