6 Nations In Review
By Robert Stewart
May 19, 2017

The 6 Nations is a national past time in the UK, and this time round was no different. Here at MatchPint we consistently see hundreds of thousands of people searching for places to watch the games, we also run lots of promotions via our app during the tournament. We teamed up with Vianet and our customers to investigate the sales benefit between non-MatchPint sites, MatchPint sites and then MatchPint running promotions to get to the bottom of this.



How did we do it?


Vianet identified a 6 Nations control group [sites that showed the 6 Nations but did not use MatchPint, 44 sites], we provided a MatchPint group [sites that showed the 6 Nations and were on MatchPint, 10 sites] and a MatchPint Promotion group [sites that showed the 6 Nations, were on MatchPint and ran a promotion with redemptions, 31 sites].


Vianet then analysed these sites previous 6-week performance on comparative game days and then were able to look at the game-time volume and incremental growth of sales across these 3 groups.


Main Takeaways:


  • The 6 Nations is huge, and growing - seeing a 15% growth in search volume from 2016
  • The average MatchPint site running a promotion sold an incremental 31 pints per game day
  • Guinness volume increases were consistently higher in both MatchPint and MatchPint Promotion sites than the 6 Nation control
  • Guinness increased their category share in the incremental pints
  • Now is the time to focus on the Lions - it only happens every 4 years and will generate huge interest 



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