Stonegate and MatchPint agree new 18 month partnership
By Dominic Collingwood
May 12, 2017

Stonegate Pub Company have signed an 18-month partnership agreement with MatchPint to provide sports planning support, consumer marketing, and promotional activity with suppliers, through to the Russia World Cup in July 2018.


Stonegate and MatchPint will be working with suppliers to make the most of the ongoing activity. Drinks partners will use the app to drive footfall and rate of sale through mobile voucher promotions, ticket giveaways, and targeted messaging to users, based on their favourite pubs, sports, and teams.


The agreement – which covers all 425 of the company’s sports sites, including Walkabout – follows a successful A/B test over 6 months in 2016. Stonegate and MatchPint removed 50 sports sites from the app and compared like for like sales against those remaining on the app over the period. During big games, venues with MatchPint outperformed those without by 5%.


The trial also demonstrated that MatchPint is driving new customers into Stonegate outlets. Customers checking in to Stonegate venues on the app were asked if they had visited the pub before: 24% suggested this was their first visit.


Nicola Pryce, Marketing Director at Stonegate Pub Company said: “This partnership will help us further consolidate our position as the leading provider of sports-led entertainment in the high-street pub and bar market. We have always had a strong core sports offer. With MatchPint we are broadening that offer to more diverse sports, engaging new customers through mobile marketing, and offering them a great experience when they’re here.”


“We have a shared mission to deliver unforgettable experiences for sports fans in the country’s best pubs” said Dom Collingwood, Co-founder at MatchPint. “By working closely with Stonegate and their key suppliers, we’re better placed than ever to deliver on this mission. The word partnership gets bandied around a lot these days, but it feels appropriate here. Our work with Stonegate is open, creative, and collaborative: great ideas, best practices, key learnings – they’re all shared both ways.”