Joshua v Klitschko In the Pub Inside the Numbers
By Robert Stewart
May 12, 2017

There was an early summer treat when Anthony Joshua stepped into the ring to face Wladimir Klitschko on the 29th April. The fight was billed as a tale of two gentle giants with deep respect for each other. Despite the huge amounts of hype, for once, the action far exceeded expectations with millions of punters witnessing a pulsating 11-round modern classic.


MatchPint and Vianet teamed up to investigate what impact the biggest fight of the year had to the UK On Trade. We have previously reported the benefit that "pay-per-view boxing" can bring to a pub as the big fights always experience a huge surge in traffic. Boxing tends to attracts on average 3-4 times more traffic per event than the average Premier League game. Michele Kaye, Sales and Events Manager at Beds and Bars Group, said "Boxing has become a big part of our core offering at Belushi's bars, and not only the higher demand fights, we also have great success with the smaller ones."


This fight attracted MatchPint's biggest "single day" volume of searches ever, coming from a predominantly young and tech savvy demographic. These volumes of searches also had a huge effect for the pubs that bought the fight on Sky Box Office, with over 100% increase in sales between 7pm and midnight seen over those who didn't. Michele went on to say "We see huge uplifts during the big fight nights, sometimes as high as £3k uplift in sales, and our varied pre-booking opportunities always sell out."


Andy, the GM at the Regent in Balham, called the night the "best night's trade of the year" and Matthew, the GM at the Wild Lime Southampton, said "we had to turn people away throughout the night but it was the biggest trade of the year".


The results were a fascinating insight into the sustained interest and the value that pay-per-view boxing can bring to the pub and the On Trade, see below for full breakdown or download the PDF here:





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