MatchPint's Guide To: Pictures
By Guest
March 06, 2017

First impressions count, and your pubs' profile is the first opportunity you have to sell your pub to potential new customers. And what's the first thing they see? Your profile picture.



Why are pictures so important?


Imagine you're looking for somewhere to have a pint and come across two pubs nearby. One has beautiful hanging flower baskets, a fresh coat of paint and is clean and tidy. The other has paint peeling off the walls, and it's grubby and untidy. Which pub are you going to choose? The same idea applies when choosing a pub online, only it takes just 1 click to get to the next pub.


On MatchPint, pubs with a profile picture get over 3 times as many views that those without one. That's 3 times as many people who are seeing the profile of pub with a picture.



Our top tips

  • Use a picture of the outside of your pub as the profile picture when it's looking its best. Take it when the sun is shining, make sure the signage is looking great and that the wall paint is neat and tidy.
  • Add some other pictures of your pub that show what the atmosphere is like. Take some photos of a big event your hosting or a big match and show customers what they're missing!
  • Don't use an image of your logo as your main picture. What's this showing to your customers? How does it show them that you're a great pub to visit?
  • Remember to add a picture of your menu if you serve food. Keep it updated if you have seasonal menus.

Here's how it should look:




We've recently launched our new website and your pictures may look a bit different. Check it out here and see if you're happy with how your profile looks. If you're not, you may need to upload a high-resolution version of your image. Give us a shout if you need a hand with it.