ITV launches Box Office with Eubank Jnr title fight
By Sam Walker
January 12, 2017

UPDATE: Chris Eubank Jnr is set to fight for then IBO world super-middleweight this weekend as ITV makes its first move into pay-per-view boxing - however it will still only be available if you have a commercial Sky subscription. After the brutal knockout of Nick Blackwell at the start of 2016, fans should be expecting fireworks.


The current champ, a relatively unknown Australian Renold Quinlan is coming to the UK to fight, showing the growing reputation surrounding Eubank Jnr and the popularity of the boxing scene in blighty.


With a fight time of 7pm and following on from the first day of the 6 Nations and Premier League football, the timing could not be more perfect. Pubs should be able to tempt the Rugby and Football fans alike to stay on and watch the fight, leading straight into Saturday night. It seems like ITV could make a real statement of intent to Boxnation and Sky Box Office.


The fight is drawing real interest, especially since Eubank Jr called out 'GGG', but at the moment it is only being advertised in 80 venues on MatchPint. Therefore the opportunity is huge to set yourself apart from the competition by getting this up on your MatchPint profile as soon as you can!


We have previously shown the benefits of showing PPV Boxing and how much this can be worth to a publican and that it historically has the highest opportunity of any sport (searches per bar showing).


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This article was amended to update that a commercial Sky subscription is required.