MatchPint and CGA Report Shows Sport Worth Incremental £83k To Pubs Per Year
By Dominic Collingwood
October 07, 2016

A major research and data analysis project has found that live sport is worth an incremental £83,000 per pub each year. The report, which combines CGA Strategy’s sales data from last season with MatchPint’s data on which matches were televised by 2,000 pubs, compares the sales of pubs showing particular events and matches with those that didn’t. Some of the headline results include:


·       Sales in sites that showed all sport last year were £83,000 higher than those that showed none

·       Premier League Football accounts for 43% total incremental sales through the season

·       Lager sales were up 23% on average across all football


The report goes on to analyse the effect that different sports, competitions, and days of the week have on drinks sales, the relative value of Sky Sports and BT Sport content, the consumer demographics and preferences associated with different sports and events, and much more.



There report will be available in two sections; one on football and the other on wider sports. If you are interested in hearing more, please email