How To Make The Most Of Sport On Your Website
By Dominic Collingwood
October 07, 2016

MatchPint has updated its integration with websites, making it easier than ever for pubs to use their own websites to promote sport. The web code, which automatically advertises the fixtures selected by pubs through MatchPint on their own websites, is now available in two forms.


Feedback to date has focused on three key benefits:

1.      Pubs are now promoting a much broader range of sport on their website which is bringing in a new group of customers

2.    The fixtures displayed on each pub’s website are unique to the pub and the location (Autumn International listings in Bristol, Super League Grand Final in Warrington!)

3.    Publicans, GMs, and marketing execs are saving hours by not having to update websites on a weekly or monthly basis


The first version is a simple widget that displays the upcoming fixtures in a standard format. This requires adding 4 lines of code to the site (easy), while the widget is mobile responsive, and automatically updated (hassle-free):



The second version is a little more complex, and requires a digital mind to manipulate the code. However, the results are visually super-engaging, tied to the pub’s own brand, and maintain all the key benefits of the widget too. Check out some examples from Fullers, Stonegate, and Metropolitan:



If you would like to know more about adding this function to your websites, please contact