Carlsberg Begin Phase II With MatchPint
By Dominic Collingwood
October 07, 2016

MatchPint and Carlsberg are launching the second phase of their partnership activity which began this summer with Euro 2016. This second campaign will focus on Free Trade customers in the north west during October and November. Carlsberg will support 100 of the best sports venues in Liverpool and Manchester by funding their MatchPint subscriptions, and running exclusive footfall-driving rewards on the app.


The locally targeted campaign follows a widely successful national trial during Euro 2016. Ahead of the summer tournament, 250 of Carlsberg’s top sports customers joined the platform and then used the app to attract new customers by offering a 2 for 1 Carlsberg voucher on the app.


Each of MatchPint, Carlsberg, and participating pub customers saw strong positive results from the summer trial with 35 customers redeeming the offer per pub on average, and more than 7,500 claimants in total. 78% pubs reported a significant increase in footfall from MatchPint during the promotion, while incremental Carlsberg sales were 6x higher in MatchPint sites than in other Carlsberg Free Trade sites showing sport across the same period.


This activity will see customers offering a combination of Carlsberg offers on the app, designed to attract new fans and encourage visitor loyalty. Carlsberg’s Starting XI will launch ahead of Liverpool vs Man Utd (Monday 17th October) and will see the first eleven people in the pub able to claim a free pint of Carlsberg. Thereon, a loyalty offer will reward fans with a free Carlsberg for every 4 matches they watch in a participating pub.