London Supporters Pub Map � What It Is & Why We Made It
By Pete Starr
September 03, 2016

This London Pub Supporters Map was created to provide a catch all answer to a question we are faced with all the time at MatchPint – "do you know any places showing the game where I will be able to meet with fans of my team?".


Whilst there are a handful of official supporter’s pubs dotted around London, we knew there are plenty more unofficial bars where certain sets of fans congregate to meet and catch matches on TV. We decided to try and log all these bars for Premier League teams and turn the data into an interactive map for football fans visiting London to use. In researching these fan hotspots we also came across a lot of pubs near to grounds that are famous drinking spots for certain teams whilst other places became apparent where the landlord or owner of the pub supported someone specific.


We added both these definitions into our umbrella term for ‘supporter’s pubs’ and set to work researching all the places in London that hit these criteria. Using our own knowledge of pubs in the capital and crowd sourcing opinions from fans, we compiled a list of nominated pubs.

In a bid to ensure the highest level of accuracy and authenticity we then took these results and cross referenced them with at least one recognised fan group or supporters forum or visited them ourselves on a game day.


Whilst we appreciate this map will not be a truly complete tool right now, we hope to add more venues over time, based on fan recommendations, to create an extremely useful map for fans of all teams who want to catch the game with a few of their own.

Pete Starr
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We’d like to extend a huge thanks to the following individuals and groups for their help in researching, verifying and troubleshooting the maps.

Arsenal Supporters Club

Footballistically Arsenal


The Shed End

Chelsea FanCast


Everton Supporter’s Club London Area

Grand Old Team

Hull City Southern Supporters


London Foxes

Foxes Trust

LFC London

Red and White Kop

LFC Reds

MCFC Supporters Club London

Middlesbrough Supporters South

Wear Down South – London and Southern Sunderland Supporter’s Club

Ready To Go

The Jack Army

Fighting Cock

Shelf Side Spurs

The Tottenham Way

London Baggies


Knees Up Mother Brown


Joshua Carr

Jenny Brown

Jake Gallagher

Isabel Hale

James McManus

Dan Kilpatrick

Liam Twomey

Finally, a HUGE thanks to Martin Hofschröer and our hugely talented developers, Gin + Bourbon.