What was the value of Football in 2015/16?
By Robert Stewart
August 19, 2016

MatchPint have teamed up with CGA strategy to analyse the sales impact of sport on pubs. This project is looking at the sales data of over 2,000 pubs in the UK with competitions or sports that they have shown. It also uses over 6 million fixture searches made on MatchPint in the last year. There will be 2 free infographics, this one that focuses on the value of football, a second one that will focus on other sports like Rugby and Boxing, and then there will be two reports released in September that will be available for purchase that analyse in detail the value of these sports over the past year.


You can download the first infographic as a PDF here, however if you would like to learn more about the project or would like to enquire about purchasing the full report please fill out this form.