Make The Most Of Sport In Your Pub In 4 Minutes
By Robert Stewart
August 13, 2016

With Sky Sports raising prices by 10% and BT also upping their subscriptions by 8.9%, the cost of showing sport for a pub has never been higher. With a little planning and the right tweaks to how you run things, it can still be hugely profitable for pubs. With the Premier League kicking off on Saturday, MatchPint have released a free video guide to advise pubs on how they can get the most out of sport in their venue. Watch the short informative clip below now:





The video focuses on 3 core objectives about building your reputation as a sports pub, broadening the range of sport that you show and getting more proactive online.


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How we curated this video

Over the past month we have been working in partnership with CPL Animate on a short animated video focusing on the key areas that can be optimised by pubs to ensure the most succesful season possible. The video was based on analysing our user search behaviour, online research, customer feedback and some initial sales data estimates from our current partnership with CGA strategy.