Free Trial Offer for Six Nations 2016
By Remi Remington
February 01, 2016


MatchPint and Guinness are teaming up for the Six Nations to offer rugby fans a free pint of GUINNESS during matches.


As a great Rugby venue, we would love for you to be involved and have selected you as a lucky recipient of a three month trial of MatchPint.


Why should you be part of the Guinness Six Nations campaign?

  • Drive new footfall to your venue
  • Drive rate-of-sale (across Guinness and total sales) during the Six Nations
  • Campaign is fully funded by Guinness


What will MatchPint offer you outside of the Guinness campaign?

  • Save hours organizing sport each week
  • Attract more fans and customers
  • Increase your sales

See full details of MatchPint here and testimonials here



If you require, please email and include a contact number


Please note: to take part in this free trial, you must stock Guinness and run the 6Nations campaign. Instructions for this will be sent to you via email