MatchPint Launches Upgraded Platform For Pubs
By Dominic Collingwood
December 15, 2015

On Monday 16 November, MatchPint is launching a major upgrade to its system. As well as a redesign, the platform will now be optimised for use on mobile, and several new features will be added, including social media scheduling, and bespoke poster creation. It’s the same great platform, but with a new signing and a more attractive style of play – you know, like Barcelona when Guardiola joined.


Style of Play


It’s not quite target man to Tiki Taka, but the platform has most definitely had a facelift. The aim is to have a more intuitive user experience and to make sure you’re getting as much as possible out of the platform, every time you use it.


When you login, you’ll still be redirected to your upcoming fixtures page, but there are a few changes:


- The filters automatically grey out events outside your opening hours

- To edit this, click on Filter By underneath Available Fixtures [1]

- Click the + symbol rather than ADD [2]

- You need to click Save when you’re done, it’s fixed to the top of the screen for ease [3]

- When you Save, you’ll have a list My Fixtures that you can advertise


Social Media Scheduling


This is the big winter signing – we’re talking Sergio Aguero to Man City; a good signing on paper, but an unbelievable addition on the pitch. You will now see a social media image for every fixture, AND be able to select when you want your post to be shared to you page. In 5 minutes on a Monday morning, you can schedule every social media post about sport for the week. This will save you so much time, and see a massive improvement in your social media content.


Once you’ve selected My Fixtures go through the Market section and select Social Media Posts:



- Click the pencil symbol next to the game you want to share [1]

- Select when you want the image to be posted (Now, before KO, or custom) [2]

- Write the text you want to appear on your wall alongside the image [3]

- Choose whether to share on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the icons [4]

- The first time you do this, you will be asked to connect your social media profile


Bespoke Point of Sale


The last major new feature is a bespoke poster creation tool that allows you to select which matches you want to prioritise on your POS. It will follow a week or so later, but it’s pretty cool! Like Jurgen Klopp.


You can pick any of the events from My Fixtures and move them around your poster. This means that your in-house POS is always up to date, and features the matches that are most important to you (e.g. if you’re in Nottingham, the big game on your poster is Forest vs. Leicester in the FA Cup, rather than Man Utd vs. Tottenham).


The posters will be bespoke to your own venue, featuring your venue name at the top as well as details of your social media profiles.



To create posters, go to the Market section, and click on Create A Poster: 


- Select a template you’d like to use, and how many fixtures you’d like to advertise

- Click on the fixtures you want to feature and drag them onto the poster

- Press print to send them to your printer!


Switching to the New Platform


From Monday 16th November, you’ll be logged in to this new platform. If it feels big and scary, you can always switch back for a short while, but we’d encourage you to use it as much as possible and get used to how it looks and feels.


All the old features are still there – Rewards, analytics, profile info etc. (infact, some of them look a darn sight better now, too!). Most importantly, there’s a Feedback button in the bottom right hand corner of every page. Please use this to let us know your thoughts!


Also, this will be soooooo much easier to use on mobile. There’ll be another blog on that soon, but have a go “if you think you’re cool enough”.


In the meantime, look forward to your new signings and a style of play that will not only win you trophies, but will also be pleasing on the eye! Maybe it is like Tiki Taka after all.