NFL In Pubs - What's The Big Deal?
By Izzy Hoppe
January 15, 2016

NFL is on the rise! Not only has London become the home of NFL's International Series in recent years, but more and more fans are choosing a pub as THE place to watch 32 grown men in pads run into each other for four hours.  While NFL might not be for everyone, it's worth us looking at what the benefits are, and how you can make the most of showing it it. After all, the yanks certainly know how to put on a show! From half-time cheerleaders and foot-long hot dogs, to colourful kits and pre-game marching bands, there's always something to keep an eye on.


We all know that NFL is growing in the stadium. The Wembley games sell out every year, and a new agreement to host NFL in the UK until 2028 has just been agreed - nuts! What's more, BBC2 are set to launch a ‘Match of the Day’ style NFL highlights show, starting next month. But it's also growing outside the stadium too, and crucially, in the pub. Based on MatchPint's data there is a 201% year on year increase in fans looking for a pub to watch American Football. As a result the UK is set to host up to four games around the country.

Despite it's growing popularity, however, a survey of publicans by MatchPint reveals that only 38% of you would be willing to screen the NFL this year. For those that aren't it's worth considering the benefits - a growing audience, a lack of sports competition on a Sunday night (most games take place then), and the opportunity to "go big" (to steal a phrase from Sky) on your offer (food, drink, sport - what's not to like?). Fortunately, for those of you with a Sky Sport subscription, you're in luck. With up to six matches a week and a whopping one hundred matches a season, the choice is endless!


Now it might not be for everyone: there's La Liga to compete with, and we're not for once suggesting that every American Football's gonna overtake the Premier League in terms of money-earners. But... that raises a good point: come 6pm this Sunday, there may well be a whole load of football fans enjoying the end of their Super Sunday. How do you keep them in and get them hooked for more? Option 1 - you guessed it!


So this Sunday, give it a go. Change over to Sky Sports 2 when the clock strikes 6pm and while you’re at it, why not add some American classics to the menu. Because who in their right mind would turn down the chance to dine on hot dogs and chicken wings while the Green Bay Packers battle it out against the Carolina Panthers?