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Attract More Local Customers

So it turns out that there are literally thousands of people looking for a pub to watch sport. In fact, 250,000 of them use MatchPint every month to find a venue like yours that's showing the match they want to watch. When they pick a match on our app or our website, we tell them the nearest places to watch the game. That place could now be yours.


The Only way to Plan Sport In Your Pub

Organising sport just got so much easier. MatchPint is your one stop shop for planning what's on this month - that means every sport, and every channel.

Simply view a list of available matches, select the ones you want to show, and print a schedule for your staff. Your schedule for the month is complete in 5 minutes. Easy.

Seamless Social Media Scheduling

Now this is really cool. Select which matches you want to promote on your Facebook page and we'll create a fancy image for your wall. Even better, just tell us when you want it to appear on Facebook and we'll post it for you.

5 minutes on a Monday morning and you've lined up all your sports content on Facebook for the week. Oh, and it works for Twitter, too!

Get to the Top of Google

Google's a mysterious beast, and you can spend weeks, months, and no shortage of money trying to come out on top. We've done that for you.

So if you're on MatchPint and someone's searching for a pub showing sport in your area, we make sure they find you.

Relevant Sports Content on Your Website

How handy would it be if all the matches you've selected on MatchPint could be automatically displayed on your own website? Pretty great, right?

Well that's why we've got this handy tool that does just that - as soon as you tick a game on MatchPint, it gets added to your website. Now EVERYONE knows what you're showing.

Reward Existing Customers

Sometimes, customers need a little nudge to coax them off the sofa and into the bar. With MatchPint, you can Reward users with a voucher for coming to a particular match, or maybe visiting five times to watch sport.

Whether it's a drinks offer, money off food, or entry into a competition, MatchPint allows you to run and track promotions in an easy and effective manner.

Exclusive Brand Promotions

Like fish & chips, Bonnie & Clyde, or the England football team & failure at major international tournaments, drinks & sport go together really well. That's why brands like Guinness, Carlsberg, NFL, Budweiser, Pimm's, and Heineken use MatchPint to run exclusive offers during major events.

Not only do you get more customers by taking part, YOU GET PAID EVERY TIME SOMEONE CLAIMS AN OFFER!

Point of Sale that's Relevant to You

With MatchPint, YOU decide which matches are the most important ones for your customers. If all that matters to your customers is Preston North End, then let's make their big game THE big game on the poster.

Choose the matches you want, add your venue name, social media links and branding, then click print. Now your point of sale is always relevant.

A Powerful Platform for Organising and Marketing Sport.

Make the most of sport in your pub now